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The Career Impact Academy programming committee is working with educational partners at the secondary and post-secondary levels to determine programming tracks that will be offered for both high school and adult learners. Each programming track will be determined by student interest, regional industry need, and post-secondary alignment. The programs identified for inclusion within the Career Impact Academy are:

  • Advanced manufacturing,
  • Aerospace and unmanned systems,
  • Automotive services,
  • Building trades,
  • Computer science/Information technology,
  • Culinary arts,
  • Engineering and robotics,
  • Health sciences,
  • Precision technologies, and
  • Welding (Phase II)


The staffing level needed for the Career Impact Academy, if all programs are offered, is projected to be 16 full-time equivalent (FTE) staff members. Grand Forks Public Schools already employs 12 of these positions. These employees are currently providing CTE courses at Red River and Grand Forks Central High School. The vision is to relocate those 12 existing staff members into the Career Impact Academy, resulting in the need to only hire four additional FTEs to cover all proposed programs.